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Precise Structural Restorations for Your Property

Get efficient structural evaluations and damage assessments from the professionals! The experienced staff at Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. is committed to repair and design your damaged property to its pre-loss condition.


Our civil and structural engineers, and our licensed architects are always standing by to work on necessary permits to get your building or property repaired.


If you're dealing with mold, asbestos, or power outages, don't hesitate to contact us. Enlist our 24/7 emergency support team by calling 888-243-9871 now.

Get reliable mold remediation service

Mold is an extremely dangerous toxin that is harmful to your health and your property. Get the help of highly-trained experts to identify and correct the hidden source causing mold in your commercial or residential establishment.


When mold threatens your property, choose a contractor that provides full-service mold remediation.


If you are experiencing symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, wheezing, runny nose, or watery eyes, call 888-243-9871 for emergency mold mitigation services.

Skilled restorations

  • Mold abatement

  • Asbestos abatement

  • Temporary power

  • Repair, design, and blueprint drawing services

  • Enhance or restore your home, school, hospital, commercial space, office building, or other structure

  • Licensed, bonded and insured

In business since 2011 with 25 years' experience!


We're family owned and operated.


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Full-service restoration

  • Estimates and scope preparation

  • Large loss claims

  • Fire board-ups

  • Fallen tree removal

  • Temporary roofs

  • Temporary repairs

  • Temporary power

Quality building repairs

  • Vehicle damage repairs

  • Wind damage repairs

  • Vandalism repairs

  • Water damage repairs and demolition services

  • Engineering, permits and much more

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