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Jose Flores


Jose Flores found Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. in 2011 to offer honest, ethical, and trustworthy estimates and repairs to the insurance companies and their insureds. Jose has a unique ability in recruiting the best estimators, superintendents, and administrators. Jose has been in the insurance restoration industry for over 13 years, from estimating, project management, claim dispute, administration.

Professional Highlights

  • 13 years insurance restoration experience

  • 27 years construction experience

  • 27 years customer service experience

Steve Meador

Vice President

Steve has been the Vice President of PSR for a little over a year now. But Steve is not new to the insurance restoration industry. With over 6 years of estimating experience and construction background. Steve graduated from WSU, Washington State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in business management. Steve’s loves the incredible team he has behind him at PSR.

Cathy Flores


Cathy has handled our Accounts Receivables for over 3 years and been the treasurer of PSR since the business was started in 2011. Cathy is very organized and focused. With customer service experience totaling over 25 years homeowners can expect communication with Cathy to be smooth and helpful.

Professional Highlights

  • 25 years customer service experience

  • Treasurer since company was founded

  • Accounts Receivable 3 years’ experience

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Tera Hess


Tera has been the controller on Puget Sound Restoration, Inc since the company was founded in 2011. Tera has been an accountant for over 27 years and has an abundant background in management. Tera also has over 30 years of customer service experience. Tera’s professional background helps this company grow every day.

Professional Highlights

  • 27 years accounting experience

  • 30 years customer service experience

  • 27 years management experience

  • 20 years of experience for construction accounting

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Cheney Hess

Executive Administrator

Cheney is currently attending classes to achieve a higher degree in accounting and business. Cheney has over 4 and half years of accounts payable experience as well as 4 years of receptionist experience. Her customer service skills total over 5 years and happily assists anyone that needs help.

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Shawn Flores

Production Supervisor

Shawn has over 13 years of construction experience. Shawn enjoys seeing the end product from when a home was completely destroyed, to now what the homeowner has always imagined. With 9 years of customer service skills, Shawn is eager to meet and fulfill every homeowners needs for their home. Shawn understands the importance of getting a home back to its pre-loss condition or better in a timely manner.

Professional Highlights

  • 13 years construction experience

  • 9 years customer service

  • 3 years with PSR

  • 13 years management experience

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Kevin Hackett

Estimator/Program Manager

Kevin has been an estimator for insurance claims for over 16 years. Kevin loves being part of the process to assisting a homeowner to getting homes repaired and their lives back to normal. With over 17 years of customer service experience, Kevin is very easy to talk to about any questions or concerns you may have about the repairs on your home.

Professional Highlights

  • 4 years construction experience

  • 16 years estimating experience

  • 17 years customer service experience

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Scott Hedges


Scott has been in the insurance and disaster industry for over 10 years. Having worked as a prior large loss adjuster, disaster restoration manager and continuing educator, he has a vast knowledge of the disaster repair process and loves using that knowledge to serve our customers.

Professional Highlights

  • 10 years of property claims adjusting experience

  • 22 years of customer service

  • 4 years managing a fire and water restoration company

  • Prior certification in Fire and water remediation

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Tyler Turner

Project Manager/Estimator

Tyler has been a hardworking employee with Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. for over 3 years. Tyler is not only an excellent Project Manager but also strives in estimating for our company. With 9 years of customer service he excels in friendly and professional contact with homeowners. Tyler loves seeing a homeowner excited about the finished product, which is so important after experiencing a loss.

Professional Highlights

  • 9 years customer service experience

  • 4 years construction experience

  • 3 years Project Manager for PSR

  • 5 years’ experience in tree removal

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Justin Brown

Project Manager/Estimator

Justin prides himself on punctuality when meeting with homeowners. He assures that all jobs, big or small, are treated with the highest important of getting completed in a timely manner. He excels in communication with homeowners and leaving the home in better condition than its pre-loss condition.

Professional Highlights

  • 12 years construction experience

  • Project Manager experience 5 years

  • Customer service experience 8 years

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David Clifford

Project Manager

David is new to the Puget Sound Restoration team, but has excelled in everything he has put his mind to. With 32 years of experience in construction this is no surprise. David has a knack of communicating well with homeowners and leaving them with a smile on their face and a beautiful home.

Professional Highlights

  • 32 years of construction

  • Personable & Organized

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George Streich

Project Manager

George loves to solve any problem that may be thrown his way. With 20 years of customer service you can expect to meet a kind and friendly man. He has great attention to detail and wants your home to be as beautiful as you do, while staying within your budget.

Professional Highlights

  • 15 years of construction experience

  • 20 years customer service experience

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Clinton Southard

Project Manager

Clinton loves to meet new homeowners and help them repair their homes to better than pre-loss condition. With over 5 years of customer service experience you can expect a caring and passionate man to meet you at your home on your initial walk through. Clinton has over 5 years of experience in construction.

Professional Highlights

  • 5 years customer service

  • 5 years construction experience

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Chris Ocanas

Project Manager

Chris enjoys our family oriented work place. Chris loves seeing a homeowner’s smiling face after something as terrible as a loss has taken place and knowing he helped make that happen. With over 15 years of experience in construction you can expect your job to be done well. 2 years of customer service skills help communication between homeowner and Chris go smoothly.

Professional Highlights

  • 15 years of construction experience

  • 2 years customer service experience

  • 12 years of management experience

Contact Information

Shawn Kevin Tera Tyler Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Untitled-5 Clinton

Professional Highlights

  • 4 years accounts payable experience

  • 4 years receptionist experience

  • Associates Degree in Accounting and Business

  • 5 years customer service experience

Professional Highlights

  • 6 ½ years estimating experience

  • 6 ½ years construction experience

  • 15 years customer service experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree from WSU

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