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Get Accurate Fire Damage Repairs to Restore Your Property!

Dealing with a fire and the destruction caused by it is a very stressful experience to endure. Don't let the damage overwhelm you - call on our professional staff to expertly restore your home or business to its former structural appearance.


Our immediate response team will assess and estimate damage costs caused by the fire, as well as accurately and efficiently rebuild your property.


Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. is the go-to fire damage restoration company for efficient property restoration services in Western Washington. Our experienced staff will address all the issues a fire presents and take the proper initiative to rebuild your home.

Trained staff to detect residual smoke

During a fire, smoke travels through the structure and reaches the framing, electrical wiring, and anywhere cool air can pull smoke in.


Our trained staff will remove drywall, insulation, and seal framing to rebuild your structure from the inside out.


The experts at Puget Sound Restoration, Inc. are trained to detect, locate, and remove all fire-related odors. Our proven techniques ensure you won't end up with a property that smells of smoke at the end of the restoration!


We offer 24/7 emergency services for your convenience.

Specialized services

  • Uncover damage

  • Remove smoked drywall, insulation, and other damaged materials

  • Structure cleaning

  • Seal framing when repairs are complete

  • Emergency fire board-ups

  • Insurance claim assistance

  • Property rebuilds

We guarantee your home will be smoke-free after our fire rebuild services.


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Before and After Photos

A burnt part of a house.